Compass Care Group is an NDIS registered disability service provider who provides assistance with the social and community participation.

At Compass Group, we offer fantastic options for people to live happy and independent lives with high quality support. You will learn new life skills, participate in activities and make your way into a more independent life. Compass Care Group is an NDIS registered social and community participation service provider who is here to ensure you find a meaningful place within your community.

What is NDIS assistance with social and community participation ?

Within NDIS participant’s budget under the Core supports category, you can access assistance with social and community participation funding to improve your ability to participate in community, social and recreational activities.A personalised care plan will be on file so every NDIS support worker will know how you like to be assisted.

This includes things like support to attend community-based activities and assistance to participate in social groups. The activities may take place in a range of locations such as in the community, in a centre or at a sporting venue.

Compass Care Group is an NDIS registered social and community participation service provider that will help you navigate this. Social and community support are about achieving the goals in your NDIS plan. One of our experienced and caring NDIS qualified support workers will help you with the activities outlined in your plan. For example, they may pick you up from home to take you to an appointment, help you with food shopping or enjoy a day together,exploring a local suburb, take you to your preferred activities to achieve your NDIS goals and much more

What are some examples of NDIS assistance with social and community participation?

Compass Care Group offers assistance with NDIS social and community participation. We can assist in the following ways:  

  • Activities: We ensure you reach your full potential and optimise your wellbeing by attending a range of regular activities like art classes, musical instrument classes, yoga, stretching and more. We ensure that you feel safe while making your way into the community and assist you with the steppingstones to get there.
  • Youth social clubs: If you’re 17 years of age and under, come and check out various youth clubs together. This is a chance to make real life connections and to mingle with people your own age, learn new skills and have lots of fun! Social club activities include golfing, go-karting, bowling, and regular social events.
  • Adult social clubs: If you’re 18 years of age and older, we find an adult social club for you to find your sense of belonging. Focussed on friendship, fun and regular community activities that members choose will give you the confidence to find a place in a social community. It’s all about getting out and about in the community. 

By working with an NDIS registered disability support service provider, you will get one step closer to achieving a sense of empowerment and independence. Chat to us today.

ndis core support
ndis core support

Benefits of acquiring assistance with social and communication participation:

  • Confidence in navigating life in a social setting
  • Get a sense of pride and fulfilment that comes with a greater sense of independence 
  • Increased self-awareness 
  • A more adaptative social competency 
  • Motivation to get out there and develop new skills
  • A more positive attitude and outlook on life and your capabilities
  • Improved confidence and wellbeing 
  • Becoming more emotionally aware of oneself, and also of others 
  • Feeling accepted by peers
  • Finding a fruitful place within the community – offering a sense of belonging 

Why choose Compass Care Group for your NDIS assistance with social and community participation in Perth?

We are a NDIS registered disability support service provider who prioritise you.

Our programs have been specifically designed to support NDIS participants in building important life skills, allowing them to showcase their hidden talents, while simultaneously enabling them to actively participate in their community.

  • We will ensure you increase your independence through various social settings
  • You will learn new skills, with programs designed to help YOU
  • We develop your confidence around members of society 
  • We help you create the building blocks to connecting with your community 
  • We will ensure you learn new skills, while also having fun
  • You will always be supported, by a judgemental-free, caring team of NDIS registered disability support service providers
ndis core support

How Compass Care Group can help you access NDIS assistance with social and community participation?

Are you wondering if you can gain access to assistance with social and community participation services, through your NDIS plan? Then chat to Compass Care Group. We help you identify if you are an eligible participant. 

Eligible participants will need to outline their goals to participate within their community more independently in their initial NDIS plan meeting or in their annual plan review.

Come prepared with examples of the challenges you are currently facing in carrying out specific social activities. It is also prudent to outline why support is needed for you to have a more fulfilling life, while developing the necessary skills for your independence. If your case is deemed reasonable, your planner will include this as part of your plan. Compass care group help you to achieve your assistance with social and community participation NDIS goal.

Are you unsure if this is included in your NDIS plan? Our team will help you by looking into the matter and assisting you in checking with NDIS for your eligibility for these services.  All you need to do is get in touch with our team, and we will scope out your situation, and take the necessary steps to seeing what you are eligible to have, as part of your NDIS.

We are all in this together to achieve your important milestones of your life. This is what NDIS participants; their family members and NDIS support
coordinators are saying:

Are you ready to work with NDIS registered disability support service provider who specialises in assistance with social and community participation?

Then get in touch with Compass Care Group today. Be the driver behind the wheel of your life, with independence, confidence, and happiness. We are a team of NDIS registered capacity building service providers who are here to support you.


Community participation is a term used to describe a person’s ability or involvement within their community and having the option and opportunity to participate in activities as and when desired.
If you are between the ages of 13-17 years, making new friends in a safe and comfortable environment can work leaps and bounds for your self-esteem and wellbeing. Every week or every fortnight, youth clubs meet up to allow you to engage with people around your age, and who share commonalities with you.
You will gain independence, learn important life skills, experience different situations, be healthily taken out of your comfort zone, have FUN, get a big self-confidence and self-esteem boost, you will have a regular and reliable routine and of course, you will make meaningful friendships.
This can be possible through your NDIS plan. Particularly, if you have support for community access. If you do NOT have an NDIS plan, you may be able to self-fund the fees involved with youth clubs and adult clubs. If you would like to discuss your unique circumstances, we encourage you to book a call with us. This way, we can offer you a clear roadmap to access exactly what you deserve.
Generally, participants can expect a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio, depending on the support needs of the group. It is our priority to match the support requirements to bring out the best in everyone, offering comfort and a place to thrive.
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