NDIS plan management in Perth : Gain clarity, guidance and advice on
your NDIS plan, with experts who priorities your independence and well-being.

At Compass Care Group, we understand that navigating and managing your NDIS plan can feel like an overwhelming task. Luckily, you have options available at your disposal that can help make things a lot easier for you. By working with us, you will gain access to a team of NDIS plan managers in Perth who are here to alleviate your stress. Get the most out of your NDIS plan, with the support you rightfully deserve.

What is NDIS plan management?

If you choose to take the route of NDIS plan management, you are choosing between one of three primary options. Plan management is an option you have for managing the money in your NDIS Plan. It gives you the choice and control over how you use your NDIS budget, but with the support of an NDIS plan manager in Perth who helps manage your funds and pays your bills.

The best part is, you still have control over how your NDIS budget, your NDIS plan managers purely here to assist you in managing your funds, as well as offering guidance on important decisions and complying with the NDIS rules.

ndis plan management perth
ndis plan management perth

What do NDIS plan managers in Perth do?

To process bills and payments, all invoices will go directly to your NDIS plan manager, who then coordinates the claiming and payment process directly with the NDIS and your providers. Think of them as the go-between for you, managing all communication and invoices on your behalf. Our NDIS plan managers also act as guides, who offer expert support and advice to empower you towards an independent future. Plan manager will send you monthly overview against your budget.

How to choose the right NDIS plan manager in Perth?

The most important thing is trust. You need to be able to trust us completely. There are a number of online resources available to help you find people who offer plan management services.

These three points should be the premise of how you choose the right NDIS plan manager for your unique circumstances.

  1. Trust : Firstly, you need to be able to trust your plan manager to take care of your NDIS budgets, offer you independent advice and be completely open to what your need are.
  2. Expertise : You deserve an expert in your corner who knows the NDIS like the back of their hands. Get valuable advice on how to get the most out of your NDIS funds.
  3. Understanding & Empathetic : You need to know your plan manager is driven by a desire to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan. They are driven by seeing you succeed.
  4. Communication : Make sure your plan manager easy to communicate and responsive to your communication within 24 hours. Always approachable when you need your plan manager the most.
  5. Transparent : You should be able to get your monthly overview of your NDIS budget and your plan manager should be able to warn you on your under spending and overspending of your NDIS fund.
  6. Choice and Control : Make sure you plan managers exercise choice and control and respect your dignity. You are the driver of your NDIS plan. You can use registered and unregistered service provider.

“How do I manage my NDIS funding?”

  • Self-Management: As the name suggests, you manage your NDIS plan by yourself. You are solely responsible for paying providers, ensuring compliance with the NDIA and managing paperwork.

This is what self-management looks like:

  • You make all decisions in line with your plan goals
  • Full responsibility over NDIS funds and claims
  • Plan Management : You have a plan manager who works on your behalf, but keeps you informed before you decision is made – allowing you to retain control!

This is what NDIS plan management looks like:

  • Professional budget management
  • Help navigating the NDIS rules
  • You have an expert on your side who you can count on for questions, advice, information & guidance.
  • Increased control over how your plan funds areutilised.
  • Assistance with paying your NDIS support providers
  • NDIS Management : Registered providers directly bill the NDIA.

This is what NDIS management looks like:

  • Ability to monitor the portal to observe claims that providers are making against your NDIS funds
  • Combination of All: You can opt for a hybrid model that encompasses elements from all 3.

Why is NDIS plan management the best management option?

It is recommended to choose NDIS plan management to manage your NDIS plan, because you are empowered by every choice you make, retaining full control of every decision, but advised by an expert who understands the complicated terrain of the NDIS.
On top of that, do you know that NDIS allocate plan management funding on top of your NDIS funding? So, why you choose self-managed yourself.

Call Compass Care Group today for your plan management needs.

ndis plan management perth

What are the benefits of having an NDIS plan manager in Perth?

  • You retain full control over your NDIS funds
  • You get to choose the providers you need to help achieve your goals
  • Issue management is a breeze as a plan manager will work with you for a resolution
  • Budgeting, bookkeeping,and financial tracking are taken care of by an expert
  • You will learn how to increasingly grow more independent and empowered, with an expert by your side
  • Your NDIS plan managers keep records on your behalf
  • NDIS allocate plan manager’s funding on top of your NDIS plan funding for Plan Management.
  • You focus on yourself / your loved one’s betterment and on planning to increase capacity?
  • Let, Compass Care group to deal with NDIS

Ask your Local Area Coordinators /NDIS Planners /Support Coordinators /Early Childhood Early Intervention Partners (ECEI) to add plan manager in your NDIS Plan.

Why is Compass Care Group the best NDIS plan management service provider in Perth?

  • We are very ‘you’ focused. Nothing matters to us more than your independence
  • We are reliable – you can count on us
  • Partner with a professional who will give you the best advice and guidance
  • You matter – every decision is well thought out, with your best interest kept at heart
  • We ensure that you optimise your funds, and get the most out of your plan
  • We have client portal to offer which can show you plan utilization on your fingertip
  • We will send you monthly statement
  • We will pay invoices within 2 to 5 working business days
  • You will connect with the humans not machine
  • You will have dedicated plan manager who you can contact directly from day one
  • You will get your plan manager’s direct phone number to have conversation with him/her
  • You don’t have to wait to connect with your dedicated plan manager. You will get direct email address to connect with your dedicated Plan Manager.’
  • We will respond to your queries within 24 hours
  • We will communicate and resolve queries on your behalf
  • We respect your privacy that’s why we have most secures network and softwares which help us to protect your privacy.
  • We have privacy policy in placed.
  • We will commence your services within 24 hours after you sign up with us
  • We will guide you on how to find and choose service providers
  • We will confirm with participant/ plan nominees before we make any payments with provider.

If you are looking for the best registered NDIS plan manager in Perth, then look no further. We can help you get the most out of your NDIS plan. Chat to us today.


Yes, an NDIS plan management provider must be registered.
Plan management is added to your plan separately under the ‘Improved Life Choices’budget. If you choose to plan manage your plan, then this is added as an extra step in the process.
If you have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your NDIS plan, then you need to liaise with the NDIA to secure plan management within your plan.

The NDIS will fund claims for ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports. These are goods or services directly relevant to achieving the specific goals and objectives detailed in your NDIS plan.

The NDIS is unlikely to approve claims that are not directly related to a participant’s disability.

How do I use my allocated funds? If your budgets are plan managed, you simply need to find service providers which you would like to use and ask them to invoice Compass Care Group for the services you acquire.
Yes, you can change your plan manager, but you have to ask to cease your services and follow the conditions written in your service agreement.
Dear Plan Manager,
Please cancel all my service bookings, pay my outstanding invoices, and release my funds because I no longer required plan management services.
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