Duties And Responsibilities Of A Disability Support Worker

Disability support workers are highly qualified individuals whose goal it is to assist their clients in making life more accessible so they may perform as many things as possible independently. The responsibilities of NDIS support coordination Perth include assisting the elderly and others with impairments with a range of everyday tasks. These include assisting with personal hygiene, traveling, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and planning social gatherings.

Making sure the individual has friends and companionship, as well as providing them with emotional support, is a significant portion of this role. Disability support staff may live with their clients or visit them frequently in their homes.

Qualities A Good Disability Support Worker Should Have

The job of a disability support worker is not easy as he/she has to deal with people who have challenging lives. Those people are disabled and might not be cheerful every time so a good disability support worker must have all the qualities to calmly and patiently perform his duties. Some of the major qualities a good disability support worker should have are:


Working with the elderly and those with disabilities presents challenges since these groups of people occasionally think differently than other people. To support them in reaching their objectives, you must develop the patience to deal with these differences in an effective manner.

Communication skills

You will collaborate with individuals who have various needs. This implies that you will have to pay close attention when others are speaking. It’s also important that you have excellent communication skills so that your clients know exactly what you want them to do.

Must be organised

In this field of work, documentation is inevitable. Every day, you can have a ton of different chores to complete, all of which must be completed on schedule. You need to be organised in every way because of this. Disability support workers provided by disability service providers Perth are extremely organised and keep everything maintained.


Clients of disability support staff also receive emotional support. Because many persons with disabilities have low or no income, they offer their clients financial and time management advice. In order to provide the right kind of assistance, they could collaborate with a client’s family members to better understand their needs and objectives.

Keen to learn new things

Disability support professionals need to be passionate about learning new things and be dedicated to continuing their education to advance their careers. Also, they should be keen to learn new things even on their job as this challenging role teaches new things daily which can be very helpful for them in the future.

Responsibilities of a Disability Support Worker

  • Regularly checking on the client’s physical and emotional well-being by taking their blood pressure, assisting with personal hygiene, and prescribing medication.
  • Ensuring the client is in a safe setting by keeping an eye out for potential threats like fire and tripping hazards.
  • Assisting and supporting disabled individuals so they can live independently in their homes or other settings
  • Helping people with basic daily activities including getting dressed, taking a bath, grooming, brushing their teeth, taking medications, using the restroom, etc.
  • Helping customers with everyday living activities such as grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and money management.
  • Coordinating client care plans in conjunction with other healthcare providers
  • Offering a wide variety of social activities to clients who are unable to go outside, such as games and crafts
  • Providing social and emotional assistance
  • Determining what people with disabilities or mental health concerns need and creating plans to help them live better

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