Important tips to help you prepare for your NDIS plan reassessment

Out of many disability services providers WA in Australia, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has completely changed the way people with impairments are supported. Making the most of your plan reassessment meeting as an NDIS participant is essential to ensuring that it successfully addresses your changing needs. We will give you vital advice and techniques in this blog to help you get the most out of your NDIS Plan review and enable you to get the help you require to reach your objectives.

Top tips on preparing for a plan reassessment


Make notes on important points for discussion

Taking notes helps ensure that you recall all the details you need to explain the reevaluation of your plan. It is recommended making notes about the aspects of your NDIS plan you enjoyed, and the reason,aspects of your NDIS plan you didn’t like, and why, the actions you have done to get closer to your objectives and Any fresh objectives you have. You can also note down points like the support you need in order to reach your objectives, whether you will eventually require NDIS support etc.

Keep you end-of-plan progress reports handy

Your end-of-plan progress reports from your provider(s) must be given to the NDIA Planner in order to demonstrate how the assistance you are receiving are assisting you in reaching your objectives. This is the proof you need to justify the funding of these services or the possibility that they should be modified. Make contact with your service provider at least 12–16 weeks before your plan expires. It’s crucial to give your suppliers enough time to compile their reports so that your planning meeting may take place about eight weeks before the end of your plan.

Fix an appointment with the support person

Ask your Support Coordinator for assistance in getting ready for your plan reassessment if you have one. They may assist you in gathering all the data required to make a compelling case and increase your chances of receiving the desired future funding. You and your Support Coordinator may both attend the meeting to reevaluate your plan. Get in touch with them as soon as you know the date of your plan reevaluation to ask if they can accompany you. You can ask relatives, close companions, or any additional support network to assist you in getting ready for your plan reassessment and to come to the meeting if you don’t have a support coordinator.

Try to spend any money left in your plan

Your NDIS Plan budget will not be carried over if any money is left over. There won’t be any way for you to access any unused funds because your new plan will totally replace the previous one. If you haven’t used up all of your money by the plan’s expiration date, that’s okay. People may choose not to use all of their funding for a variety of reasons. A few examples include changing circumstances and difficulty accessing the services they need, especially in rural and regional locations.

Keep record of the money spent

Make a list of all the places in your current plan budget where you have spent money if you think you will need more in the future. Knowing how you’ve used the funds in your existing plan can make it easier to determine what areas require additional financing in order to give you the support you require. Your Support Coordinator from disability support services Perth or an NDIS representative can assist you with this activity.

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