What kind of support will I get inSupported Independent Living?

Depending on their situation, people consider professional support at some point in their lifetime. Whether you are an older adult or an individual with disabilities, you can choose adequate support for your particular situation. It is vital to know what you are getting from disability support services Perth and what you are signing up for. When you think of perfect supportive practices, Supported Independent Living (SIL) is one of the most popular options to consider.  

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living is a balanced support framework that helps people live how they want. Disability support agencies provide this support to help people build daily living skills. 

Supported Independent Living offers paid personal support, including some professionals who help with personal care, daily activities, and everything needed to live independently. 

Supported Independent Living benefits include:

  • Building daily skills like preparing meals and helping or supervising day-to-day chores
  • SIL is best suited for people who need higher assistance or support for daily activities
  • It is available if a person lives with other NDIS participants in one house or if they live in their own houses alone. 
  • It is also available for people who need support throughout the day and overnight. 
  • You can get the SIL if you live alone with other NDIS participants. It does not apply to different purposes like paying rent or buying groceries. 

Types of Support in Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living is available for the person and the kind of crisis he faces to support as much independent living as possible. SIL is always a safe and confident option to get the support one needs whenever it is required to achieve the right goals and live a worry-free life. 

To get support in various stages and problems of life, SIL is ready to help in personal care such as bathing or laundry, daily life mastery like cooking meals, budgeting, household management, or overnight attendance. Developing social skills and offering emotional support to build up confidence for independent living is also possible through SIL.

Few Types of Support Available in SIL:

In-house Support 

If you live in your own house and need assistance, the support team can help you with your daily living. They will assist you with all aspects of daily living you may need support with. They can come over to help with a specific task and leave after completion. They can also help with 24/7 support by sleeping over at a particular room allotted for them if a person needs help all day and night. It will depend on the individual circumstances. The in-house support includes:

  • Freedom and independence
  • Help to get around your home
  • Assistance with household chores
  • Running the household tasks
  • Managing challenging behavioural issues
  • Emergency health requirements
  • Medication management
  • Overnight care management 

Needed Support for Individuals Living in Shared Housing

A person with a disability can choose to live with anyone, whether in a shared house specially designed for people with disabilities or alone and choose with whom he wants to share the support. The support workers and NDIS work out the most reasonable and necessary support for daily living. You can always choose the provider you want and where you want the support. Disability support allows individuals with disabilities to live a secure and independent life.

Support for Daily Tasks

When the daily issue of finishing regular tasks comes up, you know where to find help when needed. Regular household help could involve anything from essential housekeeping tasks like preparing meals and cleaning the house to vital personal care needs like bathing, cleaning and maintaining personal hygiene, getting dressed, etc. 

They will also help you develop social skills, such as meeting new people, communicating with them, attending social events, or playing games with others. They also help you solve financial issues, like paying bills or going to the bank with you to process official banking work, etc.

Support for Maintaining Life Outside

Supported Independent Living provides necessary help and assistance outside the home on special occasions and daily requirements. They also help during transport-related issues while getting somewhere regarding appointments or other essential errands. They also 

You may also need help booking and attending medical appointments.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to be supported when you receive supported independent living help. You will get whatever help and assistance you need, as you need it. The beauty is that they will get to know you and work with you to tailor the experience to your needs. 

Need Support to Maintain an Independent Living 

Supported Independence Living helps to maintain the independence of an individual with disabilities. In the independent living SIL, you always have a choice and someone to help you make decisions and live an independent life. You have the proceedings to do when and what you need in every step. 

SIL-supported independence maintains a balance of aid and autonomy to offer a unique and special life-changing experience for individuals with disabilities. Whether it is supported employment or hosted employment, the SIL is always the most trusted service for people with disabilities. 


If this sounds like the kind of support you can afford or desire to use, you must find the right place where supported independent living is offered in your area or community. There is an abundance of opportunities to choose a suitable service. You can compare them and find the right place. 

If you find supported independent living aligned with your needs and goals, you can start a life full of excitement and less worried about your future. SIL offers security, independence, and confidence with its kind support system.

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