Activities to do with your social support worker

The NDIS Plan Management Perth provides numerous activities to support people in Australia who are living with disabilities. Their unmatchable work ethic and hard work ensure no one is left behind in getting the utmost benefits. The care and assistance are helping thousands of people with disabilities to fulfil their objectives and live independent lives.

Who are Social Support Workers?

Social support workers related to Individual social skill development NDIS are more than caregivers and are synonymous with trusted mentors. When a person with a disability needs someone to work like a family to reach their goals and aspirations, social support workers often have an NDIS Worker Check permit and proper experience working with people with disabilities. They support and provide companionship to the individual dealing with disability. In addition to household support, they can offer company during appointment visits, social outings, and picking up medicines and groceries. 

How does the Social Support Worker Help Out?

An activities social support worker can accompany a person with a disability in the house and outside visits. Some of the ways they are always beside: 

In-home Support

  • Meal preparation
  • Baking treats
  • Playing Board games
  • Have a movie night
  • Creative art and craft session
  • Creating a herb garden 
  • Helping with the household chores 
  • Washing and cleaning 
  • Helping in maintaining hygiene like bathing and personal care 
  • Get to know each other well like a companion

Outside the Home Supports: 

  • Visiting a favourite coffee shop
  • Watching theatre or movies in the community
  • Finding books in the local library
  • Stroll in the garden or park
  • Accompanying during appointments

Some of the Most Common Activities You can do with a Social Support Worker:

Get to Know Each Other

You can always share your feelings when a social support worker is your trusted companion. Whether angry, upset, or delighted, sharing your feelings with someone who understands is always a positive way of living. You can also share knowledge and fun facts or write down questions to learn and mingle with each other.

Preparing Meals and Bake a Cake

If you have been delaying preparing a meal for a long time because you need some help, then doing it with your social support worker is the right choice. You can even share your tips and tricks in the kitchen and exchange new recipes for future meal planning. 

If you are passionate about baking, sharing your treasured old family recipes or having a quick baking time with your support worker is ideal.

Attend Cultural and Community Events 

Going out to enjoy cultural events like music festivals, art exhibitions, or dance performances can be an incredibly enriching experience. If the event is disabled-friendly and has a wheelchair-access facility, it is enjoyable and safe. A support worker can always take you to those events and help you to communicate with like-minded people. 

Visiting Local Libraries

Visiting local libraries and getting help finding a book you love is bliss! Your social support worker can give you company and help you get or drop off a book. They can also talk about their favourite authors and books with you or vice versa. Sitting in a library with an environment of books and studies in a quiet environment can bring calmness and relax the mind. 

Attend a Local Farm or Garden

Attending local farms and learning about fresh produce, veggies, and other food options is a great outing. It also encourages people with disabilities to learn about sustainable food production methods and mingle with local farmers. Along with a fresh farmers market, strolling in local gardens for a morning or evening walk benefits health. Most of the gardens are disabled-friendly and have all the essential things like water and restrooms available. 

Visit Leisure Centres 

Many leisure centres have water chairs, ramps, and lifts to make them more accessible for individuals with disabilities. Social support workers provide company by following the recommendations of physicians or professionals regarding the exercise routine of people with disabilities. Engaging with disability-friendly sporting events helps to keep physically fit and keep an active mind to stay healthy. 

Enjoy an Evening Boat-Ride 

Sometimes, it is essential to enjoy a quiet evening. If you stay near the water, a lovely scenic boat ride by hiring a canoe or taking the local ferry is always delightful. Going out with your support worker on the water ride may reduce stress and anxiety and bring calmness. A social support worker can help you achieve happiness by aligning you with your positive goals and providing emotional support. 

Take Part in Volunteering Events

Event Social support workers can match volunteering opportunities with their client’s interests and take them to the appropriate place to volunteer. If the client loves children, taking them to homeless camps to play games or distribute food and clothes will be a good fit. If the client loves animals, visiting the animal shelter to look after the stray animals can be a great choice.  Helping older people or covering a cafe is also a beneficial activity. Moreover, volunteering is a perfect way to mingle with social people and build a strong community connection. 


NDIS social and community participation is well-known and helpful. Their registered provider, who assists as a social support worker, specialises in social and community aid. They help people with disabilities improve their lifestyle and enhance their independence. They create a bond to build a lasting relationship and aim to make the individuals with disabilities learn new skills. Social support workers or social carers help their clients with their regular activities. A support worker with similar interests and experience helps to build rapport and helps to work towards the goal of people with disabilities.

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